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Our Target Audience

Gen 3 Learning is a platform for direct access to the knowledge and expertise of our top teachers. It features a variety of learning courses for children who crave knowledge.

Our Programs

Our Programs to feed your curiosity and to help you succeed

On-Demand Tutoring vs Scheduled Tutoring

How does it work?

On-Demand Tutoring

Reach out to Gen 3 with your Short term tutoring needs - like you just need help with your homework just for that day or just need help for the test. One of our tutors will get back to you within 24 hours. We will make all efforts to meet with you within 48 hours to tutor you. No commitment needed.

group tutoring

Enroll in our group class and meet with the tutor at a set time and learn with a small group of students of the same grade or level. Students commit for 6 months in a group setting to get the best out of the tutoring.

individual tutoring

Choose your tutor based on what you want to learn. Schedule time with the tutor that meets your schedule. Meet with the Tutor. Students commit for 3 months to have a dedicated plan for your tutoring needs.

Our Tutors

Our Tutors either hold a minimum of Bachelor's degree in their area of expertise or have recently proved their area of expertise. They understand fully how both online and in person teaching works. You can only expect the best results from our Gen 3 teachers!


Affordable plans

On-Demand Tutoring
For Short Term Needs

Varies by

Subject & Tutor

Pay as you go

  • Access to Gen 3 Resources during class time
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Group Tutoring
For Immersed Learning

Varies by

Subject & Tutor

Semi-Annual Commitment

  • Access to all resources in Gen 3
  • Virtual or in-person tutoring
  • Fixed Scheduling
  • Discount for Workshops & Camps
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Private Tutoring
For Independent Learners

Varies by

Subject & Tutor

Quarterly Commitment

  • Access to all resources in Gen 3
  • Virtual or in-person tutoring
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Discounts for Workshops & Camps
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