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Gen 3 Learning is a platform for direct access to the knowledge and expertise of our top teachers. It features a variety of learning courses for children who crave  knowledge.



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Our programs are designed for various age groups, from preschoolers (5-6 yo) to adult children (11-16 yo).

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Visit Gen 3 during open hours. Utilize all our learning resources. Self-Directed and Independent Learning.

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We hire only licensed teachers with at least five years of experience. They understand fully how the online teaching process is different. You can only expect the best results from our Gen 3 teachers! 

Vanitha Giriprakash

Teaching is Vanitha’s passion and students in Elementary, Middle School and High School has had fun learning Math with her. She has a ton of experience tutoring math to students in Kindergarten to 10th grade. Vanitha has enjoyed tutoring students for the last 16 years. She is a mother to two kids while also being a continuous learner. Since she has a day job as a IT Professional and also the center director for Gen 3 Learning she is currently teaching only a handful of middle school students. Apart from Math, she has also taught Robotics, Competitive Math, Math for ACT and SAT, and Language Arts for grades K-7.

Harsha Podapati

Harsha teaches online Math to students in middle school and high school.

Akash Anbu

Akash Anbu is an 11th-grade student at Normal Community High School. 

As an Advanced Placement Calculus BC student, he excels in tutoring math to other students in elementary, junior high, and high school levels. Along with Gen3Learning, he also is a peer leadership tutor at his high school. At home, Akash is often working hard tutoring his 5th-grade brother to achieve excellence as well. In his free time, he spends time volunteering at Carle Bromenn Medical Center to assist others with living a happier and better life.

Jyothi anant

Jyoti Anant loves teaching students! She has over 7 years of experience in teaching Math to Elementary and Middle school students in India.
Jyoti thinks teaching is the only place where generations can be changed and make the world a better place! She believes this is done by teaching the right values. She is a homemaker here in the USA and is eagerly volunteering teaching Math to kids.

yazhiNni ratHnakumar

Yazhinni Rathnakumar is a senior at Normal Community High School. As her future goal is to become a professor, she has much interest in helping develop the brilliant minds of the younger generations. In school, she takes a wide variety of subjects; having vast experience in math, science, reading, and the arts amongst others. She has been involved with tutoring since middle school, and hopes to continue this passion throughout her life.

Sathyavathi Krishnamoorthy
Sathyavathi Krishnamoorthy

Our teacher Karma Yogi Srimathi.Sathyavathi Krishnamoorthy,  has travelled to many places and studied under various masters in the journey of spiritual seeking.

She is proficient in the ancient languages Tamil and Sanskrit. Her contribution in spreading the knowledge asset in Tamil literature, is highly appreciated in the community. Her interpretation and simple way of teaching, helps everyone to easily learn and understand. Additionally, unique teaching methods bring the body, mind, and soul awareness. This type of awareness leads to balance our materialistic life as well as our spiritual growth. 

prajna kurella

Prajna is a Sophomore at Normal Community High School. Prajna has a huge interest in working with students and giving them a great learning experience. She strives to make learning fun and easy for her students but also challenging at the same time. Outside of school, Prajna plays tennis and has her first-degree blackbelt. She is involved in many clubs such as FBLA and Scholastic Bowl. She has a younger brother and sister who also go to Gen 3. In the future, Prajna hopes to start her own business.

Srivalli Neti

Srivalli is an avid Math lover and teacher. She has a MSC in Mathematics from Osmania University in Hyderabad. Srivalli taught 9th and 10th grade classes in India. Additionally, she has tutored 5th and 7th grade classes in India. She is a mother of 2 and loves children. Srivalli hopes to share her love of math with the younger generation.

Suguna Thiagarajan

Suguna has completed her Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, Bachelors of Education, Masters of Science in Information Science and Management, Master of Philosophy in Computer Science. 

She has loved math ever since she was young, and this passion of her has lead Suguna to be a math teacher.

She has a wide range of teaching experience in math. She has taught 5 years of math in India as a full time teacher from grades 5 to 10 and she has tutored elementary and middle school students for 7 years in the U.S. 

She is a mother of two lovely daughters. She loves teaching Math to Students and would love to share her knowledge with the younger generation and continue in the distant future. 

Siddhu Bhumpelli

Sidhu is an upcoming Junior at Normal Community High School.

Since he was young, Math has always been his passion as well as his favorite subject. Sidhu loves helping others figure out how to solve a problem on their own, while encouraging independent thinking. 

As a Calculus student and perfect ACT scorer, Sidhu is able to teach any Math related topics: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and his favorite; Calculus! 

Outside of academics, Sidhu enjoys playing Varsity Tennis. He is also involved in various clubs which compliment his academic aspirations. Sidhu hopes to help other students find their academic passions! 


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  • Access to all Gen 3 Education Materials
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  • Premium Discount for our Workshops
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  • Virtual or in-person tutoring
  • Group Scheduling
  • Premium Discount for our Workshops
  • Discount to Day and Summer Camps
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For Independent Learners

Varies by Tutor

  • Access to preferred tutors
  • Access to Gen 3 Resources during class time
  • Virtual or in-person class room
  • Flexible Scheduling

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