Classroom Rental

All class room sizes mentioned includes the student count only – there will be room for one instructure and a helper in each room.

Rooms are available for teachers who wants to bring their classes to one place, utilize the resources in the center. Rooms are available for home school parents and for meetings related to educational activities.

Class Room – A

Seats 12 to 15 Kids or 8 to 10 Adults depending on activity.

Class Room – B

Open class room can be rearranged for Robotics class, Music Class, Dance class and or academic class room – can seat 10 to 12 kids or 6 to 8 Adults – restroom is inside this room

Class Room – C
Seats 4 to 6 kids or Adults depending on Activity

Class Room – D

Seats 4 to 6 kids or 4 Adults

Class Room – E

Seats 4 kids or 4 Adults

Class Room – F

Seats 4 to 6 Kids and 3 to 4 Adults and is currently set up for book club or sit down type of class room activity